AMP Professionals are passionate, down to earth, and creatively diverse, both in their own talent artistries as well as their individual manner and appearances. AMP Professionals embark in the best of formal hands-on and trend training. Continuous training inspires, teaches and creates a desire to be in the moment. To style each guest’s, true mirror image.


As a team, it is our goal to release your inner self, be it an all-out vixen or coquettish soccer mom. AMP wants you to mirror your true beauty image. We have a stylist to fit any woman, man or inbetweener. Look no further your new hair, skin & beauty home. Bring your Beauty Inside Out.

“We are committed to providing the highest quality of service, treatments, products and results, to our guests, plus the luxury of childcare.”

– Kerri Sanders, Creator of A Mom’s Parlor


The elegantly feminine ambiance, complete with equal parts glitz and glam, this parlor holds the TRUE key to any mom’s heart, onsite childcare. That’s right, childcare but we, didn’t stop there. The parlor offers a Beauty & Mini Spa Menu of Services and Devine treatments and after care products to maintain a glitz and glam in between appointments.


We Know your Day-to-Day. We Understand the Hassle of Juggling family life, kids, activities, work, and bills. Our AMP family is here to ease your tiresome body & mind, starting with a courtesy glass of beer or wine. Come in, give yourself a visit, then Enjoy the Fruits of your labor, while you relax in Our home. A Mom’s Parlor, the one and only Beauty Spa, Ideal to be, a Home away from Home.