With 1000 square feet of supervised play space available, our childcare service offers an array of things to do—including a 50ft long Chalk wall, infant play area with sensory wall, Xbox, Leap Frog Game Station, TV’s, Reading nook, Toys, Play Kitchens, and more.

• All AMP Kids Care providers are Certified in First Aid & Infant CPR. We take pride in our Kids Care staff for their patience, kindness, and ability to care for a multitude of children each day. Most Kids Care staff have, or are in pursuit to obtain, their degree in Child Development.

• Rest assured your children are safe—simply ask your AMP staff member for a portable tablet, and you can look in on them at any time.

Childcare includes: Up to, 3 hours within the AMP Kids Care Facility.

• Cost for Childcare: $9 for 1 child, $5 for additional child

• Additional Time: $9 per hour, per guest family

– Ex: Guest Family of 2 go over time by 1 hour

• $9 + 5 + 9 = $23 FOR 4 HOURS!!! Find that on Care.com

• AMP will NOT pro-rate (beyond the half-hour) for ANY reason.

• If Services go over the allotted 3-hour time frame, on behalf of the AMP Staff Member, additional time will be allotted.

• If Services go over the allotted 3-hour time frame on behalf of the Guest, additional charges will apply.

• Child care time is based on the time that the child is checked into the AMP Kids Care.

To Download and Print a Childcare Waiver form Click Here